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Custom Fitted 3-Way Clip Holster

Stoner 3-Way Clip with Rim

The 3-Way clip holster with Rim by Stoner Holsters is designed to fit your firearm exactly. Each holster is custom fitted to your specific firearm and attaches with a heavy duty metal clip. The clip is designed to fit belts up to 1 3/4". This is a very comfortable holster designed for versitility. This holster may be worn Strong SideCrossdraw, or inside the pants Small of the back

The 3-Way clip holster features:

  • Heavy duty clip made to fit up to 1 3/4" belts
  • Leather Rim for easier reholstering
  • J hook on the clip to catch your belt to provide an extra level of security when drawing your weapon from the holster
  • Custom made for each firearm's make, specific model, and barrel length
  • No-Cant design for versatility. Can be worn in any carry position, Strong SideCrossdraw, and IWB Small of the Back
  • Open topped for enhanced speed when drawing
  • Light weight and very comfortable, suitable for all day carry
  • Made from 7-8 oz. premium Veg-Tanned cowhide
  • Soft Molded for retention and looks

The 3-Way clip holster with Rim is proudly made in the USA. This holster is available for most semi-autos and revolvers. It comes in right or left handed designs. This holster is available in Black and Havana Brown