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Holster FAQs

Why is my holster so tight? Leather holsters made by Stoner are all crafted so that the holster will fit your gun well AFTER it has been broken in. Once the holster breaks in, it will fit the gun looser than when it was new. Because of this, we must craft all holsters to be tighter than what is ideal to account for the leather breaking in. We do not want guns falling out of holsters.

How do I stretch my holster? This is an easy process. All you will need is your unloaded gun, the plastic bag your holster came in, and your holster. First, place your unloaded gun inside the plastic bag. Second, place your now bagged gun inside the holster you wish to stretch. Now wait for 10-15 minutes and check it. The holster should have loosened up enough to allow you to draw your weapon efficiently. If the first stretch doesn't give you the results you want, try it again. The longer you leave your bagged gun inside of the holster, the more it will stretch.

How do I care for my holster? There are various ways to clean and condition your holster. We have a fantastic product designed to condition the leather. This conditioner will make your holster resistant to water, soften the leather, lubricate it (helpful during the break in process), and prevent the leather from dry rotting. You can check out our leather dressing HereYou want to make sure you avoid any product that is water based or made with an animal byproduct that can go rancid. These types of product can harm the finish of your gun.

What should I look for in a holster? This is a loaded question. As far as the holster is concerned, you want to make sure that it is Combat Grip accessible. You want the trigger completely covered, and make sure your magazine release will not be pressed by the holster. Also there needs to be ample retention so that your gun won't fall out of your holster accidentally. When it comes to picking out a holster that works for you, if the holster has all the things mentioned above, then you will need to make sure you find one that is comfortable. If the holster isn't comfortable, you won't wear it, leaving you unarmed. When it comes to finding one that is comfortable to you, you are the only one who can make that decision. We have people of all shapes and sizes that like all different styles of holsters. It comes down to doing your research, trying on the holsters, and experimenting with the different carrying positions. You need to find a spot that is both concealable and comfortable for you.

I have these 2 guns, will they both fit into the same holster? If Stoner leather products are in question, the short answer is no. Each holster is crafted for each gun's specific make, model, and barrel length. There are exceptions to this rule though. For example, Glock makes a model 19 and a model 23. One is 9mm and the other is a .40. The frame size is identical though, and will both fit into the same holster. When comparing a Glock 19 to a Glock 26 you will see that the 26 is shorter. Other than the length of the barrel though, the frames are identical. The Glock 26 and Glock 19 will fit into the same holster as well. The only issue you will have is in the length of the holster. If the holster is for the longer Glock 19, when putting in a Glock 26, you will have extra leather that extends past the end of your Glock 26's barrel. And vice versa, if the holster is for the Glock 26, and you put in a Glock 19. The Glock 19 barrel will extend past the end of the holster. In either case since the frames are identical, you will get roughly the same retention from either holster, using either gun.

If I put a laser on my gun will I need a new holster? In most cases, yes, you will need a new holster. Adding a laser that attaches to the trigger guard, to the rail, or along side your gun will cause your gun to take up more room where the laser is installed. This will cause the precise stitching to have to be altered in order to fit the gun with the laser. Some lasers however are attached to the grip of your gun. These lasers can usually fit into open topped holsters with little to no modification needed.

Can I buy a holster made for my gun with the laser, and use it without the laser attached? We don't recommend it due to not having accurate stitching to provide secure retention in your holster. As the holster breaks in, the retention will loosen. With the added space of an absent laser, the retention is looser still. 

Why don't Stoner Holsters products come with thumb breaks? Each holster made by Stoner is specific to the gun's make, model, and barrel length. These holsters are designed with enough retention to hold your gun inside of the holster even in the event that the holster gets flipped upside down. All Stoner made leather holsters are guaranteed from any type of manufacturing defects including the fit of your gun. If your Stoner made holster does not provide ample retention, please contact us so that we may fix your holster. 

Will leather cause wear and tear to the gun? Any time there is friction on your gun in the same spot repeatedly over a long period of time, you will see some wear. The softer the material against your gun is, the longer it will take for the wear to show. Leather will wear your gun, but very slowly. Coupled with regular usage of leather conditioner to make your holster soft and supple, you should not see any significant wear on your gun for quite some time. 

Holster Glossary.

Terms are listed alphabetically. To refine your search, please use your computer's Find function (ctrl+f) and type the word or phrase you are looking for. You can then click the up or down arrow to move to the next listing of your searched term.

Ambidextrous - Someone who is ambidextrous is able to use their right and left hand equally well. A holster that is ambidextrous means that it can be used equally well by right and left hand dominate people equally well. This can be achieved by switching hardware to the other side of the holster, or the holster being designed in such a way that when flipped, it is a mirror of what it was. A great example of one of these types of holsters is the Front Pocket Holster and can be found Here. This Front Pocket Holster can be used equally well in either front pocket, and able to use the hook equally well to aid in unholstering your weapon while the holster remains inside of your pocket. This allows the same holster to be used by both right and left hand dominate people equally well.

Belt Slide Holster - A holster that requires you to run your belt through the holster to secure it to yourself. 

Bodyshield - The bodyshield is an extended leather piece used to protect you from your gun, and your gun from you. The bodyshield sits between you and the gun. With a bodyshield, you are protected from sharp or extended points of your gun that may dig or wear at your side. Things such as the rear sights, the hammer, beavertail, and other various features can cause irritation. The bodyshield acts as a buffer between you and those features, which makes a big difference in comfortability. The bodyshield also will prevent some sweat and oil from your skin from getting on the gun. Sweat can cause your gun's finish to break down and rust over time if not cleaned properly. 

Cant - To cant a holster is to angle the holster so that the gun is tilted forwards or backwards. This can be beneficial or detrimental to the comfortability or concealability of your weapon depending on your carry position, size of gun, body shape, cant direction, and other factors. 

Chrome Tanned - This refers to how the leather was tanned. Chrome, short for chromium, tanned leather is generally very soft, but due to the chemicals infused with the leather, is not safe for your firearm. Chrome tanned leather can cause rust or break down your guns finish. This type of leather is great for the straps on shoulder holsters because of how soft and comfortable the leather is. All leather Stoner made or carried holsters will be Veg-Tanned for the protection of your firearm.

Clip Holster - A holster that attaches to your belt with a clip. This is a general term used to categorize holsters. There are many types of clip holsters.

Combat Grip - The grip required to properly fire your weapon

Crossdraw - Drawing from the opposite side of your dominate hand. For example: If you are right hand dominate, and carry on your left side but still draw with your right hand, that is considered a crossdraw. You are reaching across your body to draw from your holster.

Deep Concealment - The clip is moved higher on the holster which causes the gun to sit deeper inside of your pants. It is recommended to get the Cant option with any holster ordered as Deep Concealment because it can cause you to lose Combat Grip accessibility. When the holster is Canted forwards, the butt of the gun is angled up, granting you Combat Grip accessibility even though the gun sits much deeper inside of your pants.

Deep Mold - This describes the style of molding used on the holster. Deep Molding or Precision Molding refers to the crafter hand molding the holster to the gun's specific attributes. The outline of the gun is carefully defined along with other key features of the gun providing better retention once the holster is dried. Alternatively, a holster can be Soft Molded or Unmolded.

Draw - Removing the weapon from its holster

IWB - Inside of the waistband type holster. This is a general term used to categorize holsters. There are many types of IWB holsters.

Open Top - This term refers to the top, or mouth, of the holster where you would draw your gun from. Open Topped holster offer superior drawing speed and less actions than what is required from a holster with a thumb break. When a thumb break is active, you must release the thumb break before the gun can be drawn from the holster. In an open topped design, you don't have to worry about anything but your grip and draw.

OWB - Outside of the waistband type of holster. This is a general term used to categorize holsters. There are many types of OWB holsters.

Paddle Holster - A style of holster that has a piece connected at the back of the holster that sits down inside of your pants. The paddle portion of a paddle holster usually has something to grab the bottom of your belt from inside of your pants. These are usually made of leather or kydex. The kydex typically is curved in attempt to follow the natural contour of your body. The leather paddles typically will mold themselves around the user and break in to the natural shape of the user's body. 

Print - When someone says their gun or holster prints, or it printing, they mean that you can see the outline of their gun through their clothes. Even if you can only see 1 feature of the weapon, such as the tip of the hammer, this is considered to be printing. Printing doesn't necessarily mean that you are giving away that you have a gun, but it usually isn't a good thing when trying to conceal your weapon. 

Rail - This refers to the place where accessories are mounted. Most semi-autos will have their rails underneath of the barrel. Some revolvers will have their rails on top of the barrel. Not all guns have rails. 

 Standard Rail - Or Weaver Rail mount, is a style of rail placed on the the gun to allow the user to attach accessories such as lasers and flashlights.

 Picatinny Rail - is a style of rail developed similarly to the Weaver Rail except that the spacing and size of the slots are standardized. The Weaver Rail slot gaps sometimes can vary, where the Picatinny does not. Click here for more information regarding Picatinny or Weaver rails.

Retention - This refers to how well the holster holds the gun in place. You don't want a holster with little to no retention for fear of your gun working its way loose and possibly falling out of your holster. All products made by Stoner Holsters are guaranteed to provide enough retention to keep your gun in place even in the event of turning the holster upside down. This is one reason we do not put thumb breaks on our belt holsters.

Small of the back -  This refers to the carry position located in the middle of your back. This mode of carry is usually against the spine, in the small inward arch your body naturally provides, but sometimes will be positioned so that it is just off center from your spine. Off centering the holster is safer in the event that you were to fall down and land on your gun. This is because when the gun is against your spine, extra pressure on the spine can cause an array of problems ranging from a tingling sensation to total numbness. With excessive pressure such as falling and landing on the gun or being shoved against a wall, can cause permanent damage to the spine. Please click here for more information on Spinal Injuries. Small of the Back carry can be done with 2 hand orientations. Palm In and Palm Out.

 Palm In - This refers to the orientation of your hand when drawing your weapon. Palm In is the most common way to draw from your holster. This is the natural position of your hand when drawing from most carry positions. When drawing from the Small of the Back, most of our customers claim that it feels more natural to draw with their Palm Out. This is user preference and is something that should be researched, experimented with, and trained on until you are 100% comfortable carrying in this position. Here is a great forum discussion of concerns, pros, cons, and more info regarding Small of the Back carry.

 Palm Out - This refers to the orientation of your hand when drawing your weapon. Palm Out tends to be the most common way for Small of the Back carriers to carry due to the natural feel it provides compared to Palm InThis is user preference and is something that should be researched, experimented with, and trained on until you are 100% comfortable carrying in this position. Here is a great forum discussion of concerns, pros, cons, and more info regarding Small of the Back carry.

Soft Finish - Most Stoner Holster leather is buffed before being made into a holster. Buffing the leather removes any hard particles on the leather leaving a soft suede like finish. The softer the leather is, the less wear your gun will receive. 

Soft Mold - The holster is molded to the firearm but only with pressure. In a deep mold, tools are then used to further define the shape of the gun.

Soft Side Out - The "Soft" side is the inside of the holster. It feels a bit like suede, and is not smooth. This provides extra friction when drawing, and an almost fuzzy look to the holster. 

Stainless Steel Reinforced Rim - Stainless Steel reinforcement placed in between the holster and the leather rim sewn around the mouth of the holster. This provides added support to the mouth of the holster which allows for 1 handed reholstering. Excellent for draw training, range use, and avoiding situations that would otherwise require 2 hands to reholster your firearm.

Strong Side - This is based off of the user's dominate hand. Assuming you are right handed, your Strong Side will be your right side. Your left side would be considered CrossdrawThis works the other way around as well. If you are left handed, your left side would be considered your Strong Side. If you are ambidextrous, your strong side would be whichever hand you prefer to draw with.

Tuckable - The ability through modifications of the holster to tuck your shirt into your holster. This leaves the clip of the holster exposed, but your shirt will cover the gun 100%. This allows you to carry with more of the clothes you already own. Not tucking in your shirt will not hinder the performance of a Tuckable style holster. You may Click Here for a video demonstration of Stoner Holster's Tuckable option.

Unmolded - A holster that has had no molding done to it. You will not see any features of the gun you are carrying in this holster until the holster breaks in and does this naturally.

Veg Tanned - Veg, short for vegetable, tanned leather is used for holsters. This type of leather generally is soft, but not as soft as chrome tanned leather. This process causes the leather to be water resistant, and is safe for your weapon.

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