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Back Pocket Wallet Holster for Semi Autos with Crimson Trace Laser Guard

Back Pocket Holster-Semi Autos with Crimson Trace Laser Guard

The Back Pocket Holster made by Stoner, also referred to as a wallet holster, is designed so that the wearer can draw from the back pocket. The anti-print flap on the back will prevent your gun from printing into your pocket, enforcing the illusion of only having your wallet in your pocket. The holster is designed so that you may easily achieve a combat grip while the weapon is holstered and inside of your pocket. The anti-print flap will then catch on the seams of your pocket, which prevents the holster from coming out with the gun. When your hands are up and you have no other options, this is a great holster to have. This holster gives you a chance to gain the element of surprise, and access to your weapon against a would-be mugging. 

The Back Pocket Holster features:

  • Custom fit to your specific weapon. 
  • Soft molded for added retention and a better fit
  • Anti-print flap to prevent the outline of your gun from showing through your pocket
  • Split anti-print flap which allows for combat grip accessibility while still in your pocket
  • Effortless draw from the back pocket
  • Available in the Soft Side Out configuration.

This holster is designed to fit into Men's jeans back pocket, and the anti-print flap on the back will be the same size regardless of the size of your firearm. This ensures that the holster will properly stay inside of your pocket even if your gun isn't the ideal size. This holster also works well in cargo pockets, jacket pockets, and your front pockets. 

If you are wondering if the back pocket holster will work for you, you can do a simple test to find out.

Step 1: Unload your firearm! This means take out your magazine, and then rack your slide. This should completely empty your firearm, but to practice good gun safety, you should rack the slide until nothing comes out, and one more time for good measure. Racking the slide 3 times is the standard we use here in our shop for the safety of us and our customers.

Step 2: Place your unloaded weapon vertically inside of your back pocket so that the barrel of the gun is pointing straight down. The gun will be nearly exactly straight up and down when holstered, so that is the orientation that you gun should also be. 

Step 3: Find yourself a mirror or a friend that can look at your pocket for you. If the gun is sticking above your pocket, it wont conceal as intended. You will need to find a pair of pants that have deeper pockets, or a smaller gun.

This holster is proudly made in the USA and is available for most small semi-autos and J-Frame revolvers. The back pocket holster is available in black, and in both right and left hand designs. Left handed designs will come with a hole in the anti-print flap where your magazine release should be. This will prevent your magazine from being released by the holster.