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Front Pocket Gun Holster

Front Pocket Holster

The Front Pocket Holster by Stoner Holsters is designed to allow you to carry concealed in your front pocket. Each holster is custom made for your gun's specific make, model, and barrel length. This holster is ambidextrous, so it may be worn in either pocket. When drawing this holster, you should utilize the "hook" to ensure your holster does not leave your pocket when drawing. Simply drag the hook up the edge of your pocket to use this correctly. The hook will grab the material of your pocket, preventing it from coming out of your pocket with your gun.

The Front Pocket Holster features:

  • Custom made for your gun's make, model, and barrel length
  • Made from Premium Veg-Tanned cow hide
  • Ambidextrous design allows this holster to be carried in either pocket without adjustment
  • Hooked design ensures the holster stays in the pocket when drawing your weapon
  • Your gun will be Combat Grip accessible while fully holstered
  • Soft Molded for added retention
  • This holster is made with a Soft Finish 
  • Available Soft Side Out option for additional friction inside of the pocket. All Soft Side Out holster must be manufactured.
  • Guarenteed for the life of the holster from all manufacturing defects
  • Proudly made in the USA